Navalmartin help to preserve Gdańsk’s rich maritime heritage

National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk

Navalmartin are delighted to be working with the National Maritime Museum of Gdańsk, whose mission includes the protection of cultural and technological maritime heritage. The museum celebrates and explores the overwhelming influence of the sea on history and culture of the city and promotes an understanding of ships and their place in people’s lives.

Navalmartin have been asked to assist with the display of the GDY-18, a 24.6 metre fishing vessel from the 1970’s which is to be featured in a brand new maritime exhibition centre created on the Baltic coast in 2018/19. The intention is to transform the vessel from a functional asset to an educational opportunity. GDY-18 will offer an immersive experience which will inspire the future generations of mariners, builders and enthusiasts alike.

This presents a unique opportunity for Navalmartin to contribute to saving a piece of Poland’s Naval heritage that will be open to visitors for many, many years to come. It also demonstrates Navalmartin’s aptitude with handling a technical challenge and conveys the multifaceted realities of the lives revolving around these ships.

One of the unusual aspects to this educational project will focus on the technical features of the vessel and also the conditions of the men working and living aboard. Visitors will be able to explore the intricate mechanics of engine room by viewing a cross section of the boat.  Exposing the working components and features and providing a real understanding of the scale of these types of vessels.