I1. PONYO :: the rescue boat :: Climate change has shown a number of natural disasters where large populations face complete isolation as a result of flooding. These disasters can also occur inland, where very few inhabitants have access to boats. PONYO is a boat that can be easily stored and quickly deployed in emergencies.
I2. FLS :: Floodable Length Surfaces is a novel tool and methodology that supports subdivision design in preliminary design stages. FLS is to a ship what an x-ray is to the human body. It helps to spot local vulnerabilities. Adopting a probabilistic approach, it enables transparent identification of local vulnerabilities to flooding along the ship length. Users can rapidly understand and identify the implication of adding, deleting or moving transverse and longitudinal bulkheads in their designs. This methodology was recognised in 2009 with the RINA & LR Ship Safety award.
I3. Mooring Analysis for yachts :: With vast amount of work deployed in the design & operations of sailing and motor yachts, there are still regular occurrences of partial & total loss of yachts resulting from mooring failure during storms. With the preparation of Exploration Yachts in mind, this research focuses on the absorption of peak loads which result in anchor dragging, line failure and windlass failure. According to Val Martin “this methodology is proven and its applicability ranges from oil rigs to rubber ducks”. [Published in The Yacht Report May 2010]
I4. Back to basics :: The yacht design of 20th Century saw the marriage of vision and tradition. SY St CHRISTOPHER by Sparkman & Stephens is the offspring of this union. Ambitious precision. Unbeatable performance. Uncompromising style. Our challenge is to further understand why the traditional sailing yachts showed attributes of seakeeping and polyvalence which are rarely found in today’s sailing yachts. With this, we aim to improve the competitiveness of St CHRISTOPHER both in terms of the CIM rating and real-time speed results. Our benchmark has started with the Mediterranean classic racing season of 2014. More details on the 2018 programme can be found here.
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