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D1. 80m :: Private Submarine
Adventure through liquid space. Concept of a unique luxury yacht diving down to I00m deep with a stunning observatory lounge. The vessel accommodates 6 passengers + crew. Why 6? Not for the faint-hearted!
D2. SOPOTaise :: 19ft :: Superyacht Baltic Tender
Born for the escapades of the discerning szyk (read “chic”). A sleek runabout launch in a cosmopolitan northern riviera. Timeless lines and soothing calm of the Baltic shore with a pinch of the classic Warszawa automobile.
D3. OHM :: 32m :: Performance Cruiser
Liberating to escape the symmetry and the near-oppressive reflection of port and starboard. OHM was designed for a self-confessed geek, inspired by geometrically beautiful Printed Circuit Boards. Overclocked and boosted: OHM shows an electrifying new take on deck layout harnessing light and flow in the internal spaces.
D4. ARROGATE :: 52m :: Thoroughbred Racer
When the cheeky child gets ahead and carves his way to the top of the world… Does that person do as told and invest in secured bonds and a risk-managed mixed portfolio? Naah! 52m of speed with a few concession for comfort – only a reasonable few -.
D5. FRANKEL :: 80m :: Explorer Yacht
A majestic world explorer concept, inspired by a world class thoroughbred, versatile and capable, comfortable in most places, and enduing on rough courses, this horse was an unassuming winner in all conditions. Frankel is everything in one place for the Owner that has everything.
D6. 75m :: Motor Yacht Lengthening
A haven of privacy, exploration platform, grand theatre hosting, a landing pad, a recreational hub for a range of toys. Her crisp linear design and minimal, contemporary style features a large beach club area in the aft with spa and sauna, providing an emphasis on maximising and encouraging outdoor living and enjoyment of the sea.
D7. FUNDY :: 38m :: Luxury River Yacht
This 38m peniche-type hull has been transformed into a luxury live-aboard in London. This concept design involved development of two distinct general arrangements tailored to opposing client requirements. The yacht maximises 240m2 of internal space featuring 360 river views and a secluded upper lounge with private lift and foredeck hot tub
D8. 42m :: Half-life Refit
This yacht underwent a major refit involving exterior modifications in pursuit of a sleek, more modern profile. The general arrangement saw some fundamental GA changes. The requirements of three generations of owners were accommodated, overcoming and integrating multivariable design objectives.